different states, professors , and shows

I learned a lot from dynamic debates with Elizabeth Murray and Jennifer Bartlett at the School of Visual Arts where I received my BFA in 1979. In 1981 while living in Colorado I was invited to the Wyoming Ucross Foundation where I immersed myself in nature which transformed my art making process significantly. At Brooklyn College in 1994 I studied history with Jack Flam and painting with Karen Giusti for my MFA . The next year I was included in a group show at the Ronald Feldman Gallery curated by Mike Ballou. The Elizabeth Foundation gave me a grant for my drawings in 1996. Also the drawings have been in the drawing files of Williamsburg’s Pierogi Gallery since 1997. One year later Robert Storr chose a painting for The New American Talent show in Austin Texas. A sculpture was included in a another Texas show at the San Angelo Museum in 2006. Donald Kuspit picked several paintings for a group show in Huntington, Long Island that was reviewed in the NY Times in 2002. The next year I was included in a show at PS1 curated by Daniel Marzona. In 2006 Brendan Cass chose a large painting for the Love and Fire show in Miami at the David Castillo gallery. Last year my installation was reviewed on artcritical.com for a renegade show in Newark, that I participated in.  Sean Scully included me in the NYSS Alumni Show in 2009 and I was in the show Winter-whites at the Tria Gallery that was reviewed in Artcritical.com. In 2011 I was in a one man show at the Yes gallery in Brooklyn. The following year I was in a group show at the Seton Hall University, Walsh gallery, a group show at the Staten Island Museum, and Linda Griggs invited me to be in a show at the Clemente Velez Gallery in the LES. Jeannie Weissglass put me in a show at the Showroom Gallery, Brooklyn in 2014. And In 2015 I was in an benefit auction for Brendan Cass
at Canada gallery and in a show at the 490Atlantic gallery. 2016 brought me a 2-man show at the Buddy Warren gallery with Barbara Friedman and a 2-man show at the 490Atlantic gallery with Jeffrey Bishop. I curated a show at the Mark Borghi Gallery, NYC, in 2017 and curated one at the Clemente Velez gallery in 2019. Also David Humphrey picked me for the alumni show at the NYSS gallery in 2019. Paige Connelly Invited me to participate in the "32 Auctions" at Christies on line in 2020 and in 2021 Raul Zamudio picked a drawing for a show at the Chashama Space, Harlem. This year, 2022, I was selected for a show in Boston at the "I like your work" program at the Piano Craft gallery. And I was picked for the " New in 22" on line show at the Woodward Gallery, NY. as well as a 2-man show at the 490 Atlantic gallery with Karen Margolis.