different states, professors , and shows

I learned a lot from dynamic debates with Elizabeth Murray and Jennifer Bartlett at the School of Visual Arts where I received my BFA in 1979. In 1981 while living in Colorado I was invited to the Wyoming Ucross Foundation where I immersed myself in nature which transformed my art making process significantly. At Brooklyn College in 1994 I studied history with Jack Flam and painting with Karen Giusti for my MFA . The next year I was included in a group show at the Ronald Feldman Gallery curated by Mike Ballou. The Elizabeth Foundation gave me a grant for my drawings in 1996. Also the drawings have been in the drawing files of Williamsburg’s Pierogi Gallery since 1997. One year later Robert Storr chose a painting for The New American Talent show in Austin Texas. A sculpture was included in a another Texas show at the San Angelo Museum in 2006. Donald Kuspit picked several paintings for a group show in Huntington, Long Island that was reviewed in the NY Times in 2002. The next year I was included in a show at PS1 curated by Daniel Marzona. In 2006 Brendan Cass chose a large painting for the Love and Fire show in Miami at the David Castillo gallery. Last year my installation was reviewed on artcritical.com for a renegade show in Newark,
I participated in. The fall of 2009 I will be in a group show at Lars Bohman in Stockholm.